You won’t believe it, but you’re already doing CRM

DO YOU HAVE A PLATFORM WHERE A USER REGISTERS THROUGH A FORM? YES? WELL, DON’T PANIC BUT YOU’RE ALREADY DOING CRM. Now maybe you just need a clear strategy to better manage the relationship and that this comes to fruition: El Dorado of Digital Marketing, THE CONVERSION.

Let’s say that this platform is eCommerce, and that in it all users who buy you end up registering in a database all their personal data associated with products they either like or buy. So there you have the first step to establish a relationship with them: You know what they like.

Nowadays any eCommerce tool has a logical recommendation layer and if not, there are external tools that supplement this functionality. Thanks to this you’re already tracking their behavior, knowing the user to customize their interface with what they like … you’re already doing CRM and have not yet moved a finger thanks to automation.

They’ll convert more
and they’ll invest less

But now it’s time to activate according to a thoughtful business strategy. It should be noted that the advent of the multi-device era turns personal channels into private areas in themselves, that is, a mobile application under login must display segmented content, not generic, so we are already communicating relational offerings. Our strategy cannot rest solely and exclusively on the email MK as the activation channel, we must adapt the contents to the channel and personalize them for the user.

From here, optimizing your tool or improving conversion ratios requires, first of all, the analysis of the data to generate inferred knowledge and then, activate the appropriate levers always aligned with the strategy and business objectives.

The mission is to know how each user behaves in each device, the causes that motivate the purchase, both the what, the how, the when and the why to adapt both the discourse and the product. Make efforts profitable.

You will continue doing CRM, yes, but this time on a conscious strategy and optimized according to your business objectives.

They will convert more and you will invest less.

Alvaro García

CRM & Data Marketing Projects Director in Genetsis Digital

Alvaro García

CRM & Data Marketing Projects Director in Genetsis Digital



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