IT infrastructure services and value-added telecommunications.
In 1996 Genetsis started its activity as an independent telecommunications operator. What we used to call virtualization of servers and interconnected networks through internet is what we know today as cloud and omnichannel ecosystems.

During all this time, we have provided consulting, integration, management and monitoring services related to telecommunications for large companies, to which we offer simple solutions to complex needs with a high level of service.


Managed solutions adapted to what each project needs.


Environments synchronized and integrated into a single intelligent repository.


Perimeter security, back-up and recovery services.


From data compliance to outsourcing of data protection services.

Each company and need requires a different solution

Our data centers (in Madrid and Barcelona) and our capabilities for design, configuration and management in AWS and Azure, allow us to offer what is really needed. With 24x7x365 support and advanced analytics and management systems.

  • Public, private and hybrid cloud
  • Virtual servers
  • Colocation
  • Video streaming
  • Hosting webs, apps, database
  • Domain management

A seamless experience requires synchronizing all contact points.

We apply a multi-technology approach (LAN, WAN, WIFI, hybrid solutions) and a centralized, intelligent, real-time level of management in the design and configuration phases as well as in the deployment and integration phases. Giving ecosystems true relational and transactional capabilities.

  • Networking and storage LAN data, voice and video
  • MPLS Solutions
  • Fiber, 3G, 4G and 5G solutions
  • Relational and transactional WIFI solutions
  • Domain Management & Migration

Our goal is to enable a safe integrated management of the ecosystem

We use the most advanced technology without having to make costly and inefficient investments.

Security solutions as a service (SaaS) with maximum availability and scalability, applicable to user management, content and internal & remote use of applications.

  • Disaster recovery
  • Last generation firewalls
  • Access control VPN-SSL
  • Automated back-up systems

We assist in complying with regulations

Both governmental and industrial, while ensuring the security of your intellectual property and your confidential information…
From the audit to determine the current gap against the requirements to meet (GDPR, others) and the development of a plan for deployment of improvements and changes to the provision of solutions to secure the processes of access control, logging, permissions, etc.

  • Analysis of legal coverage measures
  • Technical implementation and follow-up
  • Data Protection Officer Service

other services


Multi-platform mail services
Anti-spam filtering inbound & outbound
E-mailing campaigns
Archiving and back-up services


Voice, fax, mailbox and IP PBX systems
Call center and call recording services
ISDN solutions, SIP lines, intelligent numbering
Video conferencing and telepresence solutions

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