Trading Partner


A great opportunity.

China is one of the key markets for many big brand´s development and growth. Its size, growth rates, current accesibility through technology and the behavior of the chinese consumers in many categories make the chinese market a great opportunity.


Data that generates intelligence.

Approaching China requires being aware of the challenges to face and the difficulties to overcome: hypercrowded product categories, local brands with a great cannibalization potential, hard to action shopper profiles, growing acquisition and retention costs, etc.

Genetsis G-Commerce is the best Trading Partner (TP) to start or optimize any commercial strategy in China because of:

Understanding of the chinese e-commerce

Its deep understanding of the chinese e-commerce and physical retail ecosystems (including marketplaces, vertical platforms, social selling channels, etc.) and the ability to make the best recommendation for each case.

Execution and management capabilities

Its execution and management capabilities both out of the platforms (positioning, media, social media, digital marketing) and inside the platforms (store design, building and management, fulfillment, logistics, customer service).

Certification to work

Its certification to work with the main market players (Alibaba, Tencent, …) and their different marketplaces (Tmall Global, Tmall Classic, JD Classic, WeChat, Red, …).

Data driven approach

Its data driven approach (real time data capture, intelligence add in, modelling and predictive analysis) and full integration with its different clients systems.

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