Multi-channel, multi-platform and multi-market e-commerce strategies.
We help identify the market opportunity and seize it through optimal, controlled and reliable execution based on real-time, accurate and consolidated data.

Direct relationships

Leveraging brand´s equity vs. selling through discounts.

Preference and loyalty

Through a commercial strategy based on precise and segmented execution.

Planning and execution

Increase effectiveness by using a fully integrated channel portfolio.

Physical and digital alignment

Deployment of an omnichannel commercial strategy.


Chinese Market.

Genetsis G-Commerce has become one of the best rated Trading Partners of the Chinese e-commerce market.
Our Shanghai team includes expert profiles in strategy, digital marketing, social media, design, development, fulfillment, logistics and data analytics working together to achieve global brands growth goals in China.
Certified by most of the main marketplaces (Tmall, JD, Red, WeChat, etc.) Genetsis offers a complete array of services along the e-commerce value chain while building the necessary operative intelligence to be successful.


Global e-Commerce.

A lot of companies are implementing strategies to sell their products in other markets, through marketplaces and e-commerce platforms. Some of these companies achieve their sales objectives, but very few achieve the necessary levels of profitability and brand awareness.

At Genetsis G-Commerce we make sure that cultural gaps are not generated with the organization, that integration is a reality and that sales mechanics in other markets and platforms are not constantly subsidized, making them profitable from the beginning.


An integrated and reliable solution.

Our goal is to build direct relationships with users, encouraging consideration, motivating preference and generating loyalty. With an integrated approach to planning, execution (both social sales and e-commerce) and aligning and synchronizing all commercial contact points (both physical and digital).

Data data driven approach that generates the intelligence needed to ensure growth.

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