A TP for e-commerce in China: more a trustable partner than just a third party

Last year Genetsis decided to inititate operations in China and created a Trading Partner based in Shanghai.

Our decision was very much driven by the fact that most of our clients in other business units always answered the same when we asked them about their sales operation in the Chinese market: yeah, growing but not sure if we are making the money we should and with this constant “blind eyes” feeling …

We realized that many of them were kind of satisfied with the volume of sales that the Chinese e-commerce platforms were generating buy very few felt their brands were getting stronger, establishing the right bonds with buyers, and generating the required intelligence to manage the strategy.

And we asked ourselves why not helping them with those unmet needs there if that is very much what we do here. Asked and done!

We joined a team led by Alfonso Calderon and Julio López Castaño (former Dufry and Osborne CEO and International Manager) in Madrid and German Torrado (founder of many Tech Companies in Europe and with more than 12 years experience in China) in Shanghai and created Genetsis G-Commerce.

“Genetsis G-commerce aims to fill the existing gap between many brands and their TP’s very focused on the fullfilment and the store operation”

Our company does not only aim to fill the existing gap between many brands and their TP´s (e-commerce integration service providers) very focused on the fullfilment and the store operation but goes beyond:

  • We advice our clients on where, how and most importantly why to deploy their sales strategies in the Chinese market based on data and facts.
  • We take care of the execution in the before (how to create awareness, consideration and drive qualified traffic), during (creating the stores and operating them 360) and after (relating with loyal customers by measuring, modelling and predicting).
  • We ultimately manage our client´s e-commerce strategies through smart data platforms with which we capture all the data, add the intelligence and empower their decission making. Totally integrated with their systems and accesible in real time.

Because, when someone decides to open a new market, specially as huge, diverse and tremendously technified as China is, building your brand is key for a long term sustainable and profitable business development.

Sales growth cannot always be subsidized by agressive discounts and promotional actions but should rely on a smart creation of loyalty and direct relationships with customers. And to do that, a Trading Partner needs to manage the customers lifecycle based on accurate data.

Today, we are working for a group of leading brands of the Fashion, Cosmetics and Food industries managing their e-commerce strategies, their stores in different platforms like Tmall Global, Tmall Classic, JD Classic, Red, WeChat and some others and achieving sales, margins and recruiting goals following truly data driven approaches.

When we received our homologation as TP from the main players, like Alibaba, we told them that for us, those two letters stood for Trustable Partner instead of just Third or Trading Party.

Because when growing in a new market Trust is key. Data driven, of course.

Alberto Zunzunegui

CEO in Genetsis Group

Alberto Zunzunegui

CEO in Genetsis Group



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