2009 vs 2019

It is curious to look back and “remember” where we come from… Those of us who have been in the digital world since the beginning of time tend to have a few attacks of nostalgia. When I say “since the beginning of time” I mean when web pages were made in flash, mobile phones had no internet connection (in fact having a mobile was not popularized) and if you had an ISDN connection you were a modern… and a little strange (what we now call freak).

We’re not going back that far in time. The 10 years of #10yerarschallenge are more than enough to realize how fast we’ve grown. A small reflection that aims to value the ability that the sector has had to adapt, research, invest … in short, grow.

It’s a change that transcends the professional

It’s a process that transcends the professional. We live in a privileged moment where making mistakes does not mean failing; on the contrary, we have understood that every result comes from a trial-and-error process and nowadays investing in innovation is almost obligatory for any company. Collaborating, co-creating or contributing are concepts that form part of the great change in mentality that we are experiencing.

We’ve also deepened our emotions. We have realized that the price is not always the purchase driver and that the important thing is to ensure a satisfactory user experience from a holistic point of view. Customer centric, we call it.

“Without the technology and talent of the professionals who are dedicated to it, this whole process would have engulfed us”

Back in 2009 the trend pointed in three directions: the mobile as an emerging medium, multimedia content as a star format and social networks as a channel of relationship and reputation.

Now we are talking about omnichannelity and the importance of data to strengthen the relationship brand-consumer. Besides, we are all a little more techies…without the technology and talent of the professionals who dedicate themselves to it, this whole process would have engulfed us. Along the way, we have experienced, bet and learned a lot, both agencies and brands, at all levels.

Let’s keep building the future

Let’s value the effort made and keep betting, always with one eye on the present (managing the day to day is complex and fundamental) and another in the future that we are building.

Genetsis Group has been helping brands grow from data for over 20 years. Our services are focused on the development of digital experiences that add value to users and provide profitability to customers. My sincere thanks for the trust you have placed in us. It is a privilege to walk this path together.

Lorena García

Client Services Director


Lorena García

Client Services Director





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